Clifford CarnmoAlmost 25 years in the IT industry including over 10 years as formal manager and leader has given me substantial and well-documented experience of IT intensive leadership, the manager position and advanced systems development and engineering.

With my background as a leader, IT Manager and CTO, I have acquired deep knowledge about IT management and operations, IT architecture, business processes, the development process and relate to the customer, management, requirements and team members.

I am currently working as IT Manager at Hemtex in BorĂ¥s, Sweden. The position is responsible for IT infrastructure, services and personnel.

Areas of expertise

Leadership philosophy

I define leadership as reaching business goals and expectations by managing and distributing work based on available resources, time and means while at the same time sharing my knowledge and experience. The challenges of modern leadership drive me to evolve both professionally and as an individual. I find it stimulating to face situations where the solution is not always obvious.

I receive energy from creating and managing well-functioning IT teams and with my extensive experience from the industry I get my motivation from combining two worlds: IT leadership.


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