Clifford Carnmo

Engineering manager and senior software developer. Passionate about engineering leadership, programming, the demoscene and free and open-source software.

For over 15 years I have been building and leading agile engineering teams and coaching engineers in their personal growth and development. I strongly believe in servant leadership and the benefits of a healthy work environment and culture. With my strong technical background as a software developer, I am able to credibly lead, coach and motivate teams and engineers as a role model in words and actions.

During my years as a leader and manager I have always kept on programming and being highly involved in the software development process. This is important to me.

Areas of expertise

Key drivers and motivation

I get my energy from managing and evolving highly functioning engineering- and software development teams. I find it very stimulating to be confronted with situations where the outcome is not clear. To learn is to live and I truly enjoy sharing knowledge and the process of learning together with others. After 27 years in the IT industry, I still love every day I get to work with brilliant people on challenging projects.


I am currently working as an Engineering Manager at Metry in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Preferred technologies and stacks

I enjoy working on projects ranging from low-level embedded systems, SoCs, SBCs, SaaS/IaaS/PaaS microservices and enterprise backend applications to WebGL and WebAssembly on the frontend.

Personal information

Clifford Carnmo

I was born in Sweden in 1978. I speak Swedish, English and Norwegian. I live in Borås with my wife, two children and a dog. My greatest passions in life is leadership and programming. I have been part of the demoscene since the late 80’s and I like to contribute to free and open source software. I also enjoy playing tabletop role-playing games and telling old computers to do magic tricks.


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